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Different types of HDB door Singapore

The typical dimensions of a door frame in an HDB apartment are 2.75ft x 7ft, with a thickness of 35 millimetres. The BTO flat is a little unusual in that it has a wider standard width of 3ft x 7ft. There are still HDB Guidelines that HDB homeowners and Door Contractors must follow, including installing a fire-rated door by a qualified installation. Your door gate, on the other hand, does not need to be modified by a qualified installation. This is to guarantee that the remodelling procedure does not disrupt the safety, aesthetic theme, or neighbouring residences. When homeowners replace an entry door or bedroom door in an HDB residence, there is no current permission that must be applied for. There are many hdb door singapore contractors.


These are different types of HDB door, Singapore:

  • Bedroom doors with a hollow core are often constructed of plywood, which is lighter and softer than solid wood. For durability, plywood or cardboard is placed in a honeycomb design, which is then covered in a more durable material, such as veneer, to complete the aesthetic.
  • Because it has an outer layer pushed into the plywood for greater thickness and weight, a semi solid-core HDB bedroom door is heavier than a hollow-core door. They are more robust and durable than hollow-core doors, although they are slightly more expensive.
  • A solid core bedroom door, like a hollow core bedroom door, features outer plywood skin. What distinguishes it is that the solid core door is filled, with plywood being one of the materials used. As a result, solid core doors offer the best soundproofing properties of the three and are typically the costliest.