Eligibility for Becoming a Truck Driver

If you are looking to get a job as a driver in the trucking industry, you must meet certain requirements prescribed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The following is an outline of those guidelines for individuals interested in a truck driving job. cek harga ekspedisi

Age – In some states, the minimum driving age for a commercial vehicle is 18. However, federal law requires drivers that are operating across state lines to be 21 years or older.

Criminal or Driving Record – A driver must not have been convicted of any felonies involving the use of a commercial vehicle such as driving under the influence, using a truck in the commission of a crime involving drugs, or fleeing the scene of an accident involving a commercial vehicle. Hiring individuals convicted of past felonies is done at the discretion of each company.

Education – There is no mandated education requirement, however drivers must be well-versed and literate in English enough to effectively converse with the general public and law enforcement, prepare written driving reports, and read and understand traffic signs.

Health – A driver must not have experienced any loss of limb movement (hand, arm, leg, or foot). They may not have a diagnosis of diabetes that requires insulin for control or any other physical deficiency or illness likely to impair their driving abilities.

License – Every truck driver must have a valid and current Commercial Driver’s License (CDL); you may only hold one license from one state.

Substance Abuse – Truck drivers must pass a drug test prior to their hire and subject to random alcohol and drug testing thereafter. Alcohol consumption and drug use prior to and while operating a commercial vehicle is strictly forbidden and doing so will likely result in employment termination.

Vision – Drivers must have a minimum of 20/40 vision in each eye, either with or without corrective contact lenses, as well as have a 70 degree field of vision and may not be color blind.